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7bforex 100% Booster Bonus

Boost your profits with the 100% Booster Bonus.

You can claim this bonus when you make a deposit of 20000 or more into your Standard or Elite account.

The bonus is available to new and existing Standard and Elite account holders on a deposit starting from ₦20,000.

To get this bonus, you only need to login into your live account or create a live account and claim it while completing your deposit.

Bonus is credited to deposits up to N100 000 and is not available for withdrawal purposes but you can withdraw all your profits without any condition.

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This bonus is available for December 2022 only

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  1. The bonus can only be received on a standard or elite account.
  2. The bonus will be available to everyone who makes a deposit of N20,000 or more and it is available once a month.
  3. The leverage on an account with an active Booster Bonus is capped at 1:200.
  4. All profit from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn without any condition.
  5. No part of the bonus can be withdrawn.
  6. No part of the bonus can be lost.
  7. The bonus can only be applied to an account with no open trades.
  8. Once the client has lost/withdrawn all but an amount equal to 15% of the given bonus amount, of their own funds, the bonus will be canceled.
  9. The bonus will basically be claimable at the point of making a deposit of N20,000 or more.
  10. No other bonus can be applied while the Bonus is active.
  11. Withdrawing a part of the client’s capital will lead to canceling a part of the bonus such that the bonus will equal the client’s own fund.
  12. The Company reserves the right to amend or modify the campaign terms without prior notice.

Clicking 'Apply for Booster Bonus' means you also accept the 7bforex Client Agreement

Last Updated 05/December/2022

Step #1

Log into your existing Standard or Elite Live Account Here Or Open a Live Account Here

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Step #2

Make a deposit of ₦20000 or more Immediately!

You can claim the booster bonus up to a maximum deposit of ₦100 000 once in a month while making your deposit.

Just tick the box to claim the bonus while initiating your deposit order.


Can I get the bonus on every deposit?

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