4 Pairs To Begin Your 2021!.

Happy New Year To You! Welcome to 2021.

The brand new year looks promising already and with your full focus, you can get better trade results than 2020.

To help you achieve this goal, we shall be providing 4 free analysis at the beginning of the week.

To get you started for this week, we have analyzed 4 of the most volatile pairs in the market, and to take advantage of them, you need to see the key direction and prices forecasted and plan your entry and exit for each of the following pairs:

EUR/USD: A pullback to 1.2240 before further Selling, otherwise a break above that price could indicate more bullish power.



GBP/USD: A reversal to 1.3600 will give a clear direction; a break below for further Sell or a bounce after the reversal to continue Buying.



USD/CAD: 1.2760/1.2740 is key pullback price to determine this pair direction; a break above will indicate Bullish reversal or a rebound will lead to further Selling.



EUR/JPY: 126.00 seems the key support level here. Let's watch a rebound up to 126.30/40; a break above says Price is bullish, or, break below leads to more Selling. Scalp this range & follow the Breakout.



Get in early at these prices and make between 50-100 pips this week!

We have concluded the analysis and now that you have the most profitable prices, all you need to do is trade them, set your take profit/ stop losses, and watch how the markets respond to each of the pairs.

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