Since our first batch of pending orders have all closed and secured over N5,000 profit, we thought to give you more before the week rounds off.

Did you miss the first batch of profits? This is your chance! Within the next 10 mins, you can set up these trades and join the profit party! (Just in case you took the first batch, it's time to get more profit!)


BUY LIMIT @ 105.50, TP = 106.20, SL = 105.30
SELL STOP @ 105.90, TP = 105.60, TP2 = 105.30, SL = 106.20


BUY STOP @ 1.2255, TP = 1.2300, SL = 1.2230
SELL STOP @ 1.2210, TP = 1.2120, TP2 = 1.2080, SL = 1.2235


BUY LIMIT @ 0.8980, TP = 0.9050, TP2 = 0.9020, SL = 0.8950
SELL STOP @ 0.9010, TP = 0.8960 SL = 0.9040.

Did you miss the first batch? See the outcome on a 0.01 lot size!

This Weeks Pending Orders


How to make between N5000-N10, 000 Profit from this;

  1. Replenish your account if you do not have the funds at the moment. Click here to fund now
  2. Preset chosen trades on your MT4 using all given parameters using a reasonable lot size/volume.

Important notice:

**Except where specified, these Pending Orders that do not trigger will expire after 24-hours of publishing.

**Pending Orders are based on future market price & which make them subject to market eventualities.


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