4 Pairs You Need to Trade For Profit This Week!.

EUR/USD: Bearish below 1.1745 & Bullish above 1.1775. Watch for breakouts from these levels for clear price directions.



GBP/USD: Bullish after a bounce from 1.3810. Could turn Bearish falling below 1.3790.



USD/CAD: Price is consolidating between 1.2600 & 1.2530 Scalp the range & follow breakouts in any direction.


BIAS: CONSOLIDATION/ Bearish Reversal.

EUR/JPY: Still Bullish & rising. A drop below 129.90 says bearish.


BIAS: CONSOLIDATION/ Bullish Continuation.

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We have concluded the analysis, and now that you have the most profitable prices, all you need to do is trade them, set your take profit/ stop losses, and watch how the markets respond to each of the pairs.

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