4 Bubbling Pairs To Rock This Week! (July 12th - 16th).

EUR/USD: This pair is consolidating between a 1.1880 & 1.1815 price range. A break above 1.1890 will yield a fresh Bullish strength while the price level 1.1875 appears to be our major support. Scalp this price range and follow the breakouts.



GBP/USD: Consolidation on this pair is fully covered and a bullish strength is imminent above the 1.3895 price level. Otherwise, a Price drop is expected from 1.3840 to 1.3760.



USD/CAD: A bearish condition is anticipated up till the 1.2300 price level, except there is a break above the 1.2485 price level which is expected to trigger a bullish run.


BIAS: Bearish/Minor Consolidation

EUR/JPY: A rise above the 131.00 price level is expected to trigger a bullish climb, but a drop-down to the 130.20 price level is expected before the bulls start dominating.


BIAS: BULLISH/ Likely Reversal


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