Major Pairs: Here's What To Expect This Week!.

How is July going for you? Profitable I suppose?

If you've not been doing so well, now is your chance to go back to the drawing board and figure things out because we've got 10 trading days left!

This week, we've done our assignment and highlighted what to expect on the four major currency pairs. Analyse them carefully and ensure to apply them in your trades. They're worth up to N10,000 if properly used!


This week, the EUR/USD currency pair is sandwiched (like toast bread laughing) between two prices (1.1820 and 1.1790) and is still descending up to the moment of publishing this forecast!

We're expecting a reversal to the 1.1820 price level followed by more and more bearish moves! Check out more information from the screenshot below:


P.S. BIAS: Consolidation/Bearish


As for the GBP/USD currency pair, it is interesting to note that price has broken out of the range and is now descending like a ball rolling from the mountaintop! (see screenshot below)

All you need to do is wait for pullbacks to the 1.3800 price level and follow the downtrend for favourable trades.


P.S. BIAS: Bearish


From analysis, it is observed that the USD/CAD currency pair is still climbing and buying. Therefore, you're advised to wait for reversals to the 1.2580 price level and go long! 

However, don't be carried away, as a break below the 1.2550 price level will switch to a bearish condition, indicating a favourable sell position. Check out the screenshot below for more information.


P.S. BIAS: Continued Bullish Condition


Our dear EUR/JPY pair just recovered from a price pullback; therefore, get ready to sell (or go short) below the 129.70 price level!


BIAS: BEARISH/ Minor Reversal

There you have it, that's all for this week from our Analysis Desk. Half the job has been done for you already and all you need to do is hop on these trades now while the analyses are still fresh!


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We have concluded the analysis and highlighted the most profitable prices. All you need to do is trade them, set your TP/SL prices and watch how the markets respond to each of the pairs!

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