Choosing a Forex Broker: Why 7Bforex remains the best for you!.

Selecting a Forex broker can be quite daunting!

Questions of “are they reliable?”, “are they fast?”, and “how much do they charge?”, are just a few of the numerous questions that will boggle you in your hunt for a dope Forex trading domain.

With so many brokers available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused that you just don’t know which to go for.

No need to go down that path! A little bit of research is all that you need to screen out these numerous options and settle for that dream broker that holds the key to your heart.

In your search for the Forex broker of your dreams, the following are important factors to watch out for:


The same way you look out for the RAM and processor speed when buying a laptop PC, it is even more important to consider the execution speed of the placed trades on the platform you will be trading on.

A swift execution platform not only increases the accuracy of your analysis but also greatly improve your trading experience. Who doesn’t like it fluid, anyways?

On the other hand, a lagging, delayed and unresponsive platform will frustrate your efforts and make you want to smash your device, as it may deprive you of juicy opportunities in the Forex market.

7Bforex operates a Straight Through Processing (STP) system that allows your trades to be instantly executed immediately you open them, and due to this speed, there are no requotes!

With these, your analysis will not only pay off; you will also profitably enter or exit the market without hassles.


If your Forex broker cannot provide you with adequate technical support, then there’s a really serious problem.

In trading the Forex market, you cannot know it all! There are times you will hit the brick wall of uncertainty and not know how to keep things moving.

If all your broker cares about is the commission it will earn from you and not how you will make headway in your trades, then you need to bail out ASAP!

Choose a broker that gives you access to the best charting and technical analysis available to active traders.

As the Representative of 7Bforex in Nigeria, 7Bforex Ng makes life a lot easier by granting you access to our various Forex webinars, weekly technical forecasts on volatile pairs, technical support, and lots more.

This will allow you to make informed and smarter trading decisions, and increase your trade profits too!


Your ideal Forex broker must possess the super ability to speedily process your every deposit and withdrawal in the shortest time and easiest way possible.

You don’t want to pay via “snail mail” and wait till forever to get your account funded when you have an NFP news slated for 1:30 PM to ride on for a cool 300 pips profit. That sucks!

Neither do you want to grow your account from “zero to hero”, only to discover that it would be a lot easier for a camel to pass through a needle than for you to withdraw your hard-earned profit from your Forex account!

With 7Bforex, you’re home! We provide localized Forex trading services that allow you to trade and earn in the Naira currency without exchange rate palava.

Not just that, our deposits and withdrawals are super fast and are provided via conventional methods you love—cash deposits, mobile money transfer and instant cards. No crappy or complicated channels!


In selecting a Forex broker, it’s important to go for one that has a variety of trading instruments that you can choose from.

Having several trading instruments to select from will open you to more earning opportunities and enlarge your coast.

From stocks to cryptos to indices to your regular currencies, we’ve got them all on 7bforex! You just can't be caught wanting in profits! You can make money trading Tesla, cryptocurrencies, NASDAQ and a host of other cool instruments.

Regardless of the time, prevailing economy or buoyancy of various trading instruments, you can always ride profitably from the comfort of your 7Bforex Elite account—which grants you access to all these trading instruments.

To drive home the point, it’s important to “shine your eyes” in your selection of a Forex broker. Do not let your guard down and go for the best!

The brokers that have your interest at heart are quite a few, but with 7Bforex, you are assured of a genuine Straight Through Processing (STP) Broker and we want you to excel and make steady profits to keep you trading with us in the long run!

Rest assured that 7Bforex is always on your side, and is undoubtedly the best broker for you!

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