Meet The August Visitors!.

Yay, it's August!

Brace up because it's time to make more money like you never did in the month of July.

It's not business as usual! We've been to the Forex market and have done our assignment on the 4 major pairs to trade for profits this week. 

Check them out, complete your analysis and apply them to your trades early before they become stale. Enjoy!


We kept close tabs on the EUR/USD pair and observed that it eventually broke to the top side. More of this trend is expected after a pullback to the 1.1850 price level, further to which the bullish trend continues.

Otherwise, a break below the 1.1840 price level will move the price further down. Check out more information in the screenshot below:




Last week, a massive breakout was observed on the GU pair a.k.a. "The Cable" with 1.3890 as the key price level.

This week, a break above the 1.3920 price level will continue the bullish trend while that below the 1.3875 price level will trigger a sell. See screenshot below:




We're still observing how the price responds for the USD/CAD currency pair.

A break above the 1.2490 price level will trigger a bullish trend while a drop below the 1.2440 price level will trigger a bearish trend. See the screenshot below for more information:




This pair is currently ranging between the 130.46 price level (resistance) and 130.04 price level (support).

We recommend that you scalp within these price ranges and follow breakouts when they occur.



There you go!

That's all for this week from our Analysis Desk. Half the job has been done for you already and all you need to do is hop on these trades now while the analyses are still fresh!



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We have concluded the analysis and highlighted the most profitable prices. Go ahead and trade them, set your TP/SL prices and watch how the markets respond to each of the pairs!


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