End August With These 100 Pips!.

It's a wrap!

Two more trading days and August says "bye-bye". 

Just before that happens, we've got analysis on major pairs for you and they're worth 100 pips (or more if you're quick to hop on them).

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The bulls had it last week from our key entry price. So we can expect more bullish action above the 1.1800 price level for about 50 - 70pips profit. See the screenshot below for more information.


BIAS: Bullish


Fully bullish. Expect a pullback to the 1.3750/40 price levels before a further upward move. Else, the price may range between the 1.3770 and 1.3700 price level before breaking out.


BIAS: Bullish/Consolidation


Now caught in a consolidation. Watch for breakouts from the 1.2700 price level (resistance) and 1.2585 price level (support).




A short-range from the 129.65 price level (resistance) and 129.30 support, with a bullish bias. Scalp the range and follow breakouts to either side.



And that's all that we've got for you this month from our Analysis Desk. With the price prediction now at your fingertips, you're set to rock some cool profits this week. Go make that happen!

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