Trending Technical Analysis on 4 Major Pairs (Valid September 13th to 18th)!.

The great Abraham Lincoln once remarked that he will spend 4 out of 6 hours sharpening his axe in readiness to chop down a mighty tree!

With adequate preparation, every seemingly uphill task becomes a piece of cake, like acing significant value of blue pips this week.

The good news? You don't need donkey hours to "ruff n tumble" with your Forex chart because we've got you all covered.

All the hard work has been done for you, and all that is left is to put 2 and 2 together to equate to 4! Behold our Forex Forecasts on the four major pairs with amazing volatility:


Hmm, interesting pair! Price broke below 1.1835 and a further drop from the 1.1800 is still expected. So, it's all bears until a break above the 1.1840 occurs to trigger the bulls.

You know what to do right? Pending order to the rescue!


BIAS: BEARISH/Ranging [what does this mean?]


Uh-oh! a massive Consolidation is forming from the 1.3890 resistance to the 1.3740 support level. There's a heavier bearish move coming from the resistance level, so stay woke and anticipate a further sell!


BIAS: BEARISH [what does this mean?]


It's bulls galore here and looking to buy even more above the 1.2710 price level. However, a sell should be considered when the price drops below the 1.2665 price level.


BIAS: BULLISH/Ranging [what does this mean?]


The EUR/JPY pair is currently trapped in a consolidation now, but leaning more to the downside. Stay alert for buys above the 130.00 price level and sell entries if the price drops below the 129.70 price level.


BIAS: CONSOLIDATION/Likely Bearish [what does this mean?]

And that's all that we've got for you this week from our Analysis Desk. With the price prediction now at your fingertips, you're set to rock some cool profits this week. Go make that happen!

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