100% Boom Bonus: How to Apply and The Benefits!.

The 7Bforex 100% Boom Bonus is designed to grant you access to TRADE MORE with LESS DEPOSIT as you resume trading on your 7Bforex standard account. 

We know that higher equity will give you the chance to manage your trades better, reduce your risk and help you hit your profit goal faster, therefore, we are offering you a 100% bonus on deposits starting from N20,000!

This means that, when you fund a minimum of N20 000 into your 7BForex account, we will top it up with an extra N20 000 so you can trade with a whopping N40 000!

Exciting right? Now, this is not limited to N20,000! Any deposit you make above N20,000 gets you a full 100% extra bonus. 

This means with the Boom bonus:

  • When you deposit N20, 000, you will get a bonus of N20,000 making your equity N40,000. 
  • When you deposit N50, 000, you will get a bonus of N50,000 making your equity N100,000.
  • With a deposit of N100, 000, you will get a bonus of N100,000 making your equity N200,000. 

You haven't seen anything like this before!  With the Boom Bonus, you will enjoy:

  • 100% profit withdrawal
  • No lot size requirement.
  • DIY application in the client cabinet.

To receive the boom bonus all you need to do is; initiate any deposit from N20,000 in your client cabinet (This is right under the transaction tab on your dashboard), check out the terms and conditions, and tick the appropriate box while completing your deposit. (As seen below).

Ready to get started? Click here to log in to your client cabinet now! 

Can't Take Advantage of the Boom Bonus Right Now?

Don’t worry you can get started with as low as N5000. 

Whenever you are ready for the boom bonus, all you have to do is make the qualifying bonus and request.

What are you waiting for? Click here to log in to your client cabinet now! 

Want a personal guide while you go through the process? Call 09063221501 immediately.

Got questions or more inquiries about the bonus? Leave a comment below and we would respond swiftly.


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