Story story oo.. Story!.

Lol. I didn’t mean to sound so childish up there. I just felt really nostalgic and remembered the fun stories I used to be told as a kid and got excited.

But I actually do have a story for you today. Are you ready to hear it?
Gotten your popcorn and Caprisonne yet? Since we’re going down memory lane... winkcool

This story setting is in our Lekki Office dated in the 21st Century when humans barely walk on two feet and still scribbled on… just kidding, it happened just last year. laughing

Here’s the gist…

At the office, we decided to appreciate one another by exchanging end of the year gifts amongst ourselves secretly. The name-picking process was done by blind name selection. Then the 23rd of December came and it was time to share gifts. And everyone got really beautiful gifts.

Then our Senior Tech bro at the office (Esjo) went on steroids and wanted to quickly cash out sharp sharp by taking some bets. The idea was for him to guess who gifted who what. Little did he know he was about to do some major giveaway. Anyway, as normal level na, we kuku like cruise well in our office, so we all jumped on it.

The first bet Esjo took was against our energy-king in the office (Isaiah). Long story short, Esjo’s eye was eaten (won je oju e) as he lost his initial bet. And Isaiah used his money to advance his healthy-living goals by buying one very rich cup of parfait.

Naso Esjo vex say e wan recover all exceedingly, abundantly, far above, he now over-leveraged and increased stake to 21k and went up against our able General Manager.

Overconfidence come enter Esjo join, as he said “e sure for me say 3 guesses, you no go get am” - to our GM oo! Remember that saying that, “the head that will chop knock, if it’s inside an aeroplane, he will bring his head outside” - you gerrit?

Esjo did not, first of all, do due diligence to research who he was going up against. and the information available to him. He did not know GM was already aware of who picked who (as per GM na, inside info don dey ground already).
Naso GM carry Esjo
handicap shaa. He answered Esjo’s question on the first try. As normal level na, Esjo wanted to cry blood, because of course 21k no be beans, particularly in this season wey plans don dey say "any money wey person see na for enjoyment".

Anyways shaa, this story sound familiar, right? It should.

Truth is, this story isn’t far removed from the reality of many traders out there. They rush into trading without the required knowledge base they need, and then at the slightest loss, they begin to take on bigger positions and higher risks in a bid to make back what they’ve lost, and eventually, they end up blowing their capital.

These concepts are called revenge-trading and over-leveraging, and they are not good practices for any trader who wants to be successful to cultivate.

So, what is the moral of this story today? Don’t be like Esjo!
Lesson learnt?


Now, it's your turn to gist me about that time when you did revenge-trading and how it ended in tears.

Waiting for the gist in the comment section...