Are Your Words Sleek Enough to Win You a Treat This Valentine? (We Have Our Winners).

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue…
Think you’re good with words?
Come and write it for boo!”          laughing

Since one of the primary ways we express our affection to our loved ones is through our words, this Season of Love, it’s time to create some beautiful long-lasting memories for your Valentine!


Here’s What to Do...

Write a public love letter to your boo (or future boo -  for the single pringles) right in the comment section of this post! 

Show us how good you are with your words and we would sponsor you and your loved one to a special Valentine treat!

The person with the highest number of comments wins!


Here’s What You Stand a Chance to Win...

  1. The most swooning letter gets a luxury buffet experience.
  2. The second most dazzling letter gets a movie + lunch date for 2.
    (or the Naira equivalent of the reward)


What are you waiting for? Write away in the comment section!

Sweep your loved one off their feet (include us in the sweeping as well!tongue-out)


Remember, the person with the highest number of comments wins!

Get your friends to come and hail your poetic skills under your comment to help you become one of the winners. 

Meet The Winners

We are excited to announce to you that we have found our winners!

These winners are selected based on the number of responses their letters received. As such, the two people with the most comments are;

Godfrey Osetakha - who had 23 comments
Ogbemudia Osetakha - who had 19 comments.

Big congratulations to them!

Hey! You really should keep tabs on our blog page for more exciting content and contests we would subsequently release!